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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

21 AUGUST 2018 - AVDIMOU BEACH - Running at 1600

Details of Run 2877....RUNNING at 1600:

The RV for this weeks Hash will be on the beach at the Kite Surfing Club just east of the Kyrenia Beach Bar.  Take the motorway exit for Avdimou and turn South (towards the sea for Civvies and Jim Adair) follow the signs for the Kyrenia Beach Bar down the narrow winding single lane tarmac track.  First signs will be just before the KBB.  The chop will be at the Kite Club which will be pork or chicken from the BBQ with salad and baked spuds with the usual 2 beers or wine.  Could those who intend to go to the chop please let me know their choice chicken or pork by 1800hrs Monday by text 99356039 or email


No...not Alectora or Well of the Franks or Dingley Dell's MAX's BEACH BAR - Chop loc' for 2877!