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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Runs Postponed Until Further Notice

Gentlemen Hashers of Episkopi,

It is with deep regret that I have taken the decision to postpone our Tuesday Runs until further notice. I have taken this action In light of further restrictions being introduced and extended this morning, and after seeking the advice of the Ex On Pres’s currently on island.

Runs will be postponed until further notice or when restrictions are lifted to an acceptable level and we can resume running.

On, On,


On Pres' of the Episkopi Hash House Harriers

Welcome to Episkopi Hash House Harriers

The Episkopi Hash is one of the last gentlemen only hashes left in the world. Why gentlemen only? Well, initially when founded in 1967 by three military types from Episkopi base that was the norm for hashes. Now most of our members are of retirement age and are driven out of the house each Tuesday to give our Harriets time to themselves. How many marriages we have saved is incalculable !!

We are these days very much an informal group of mates who meet every Tuesday afternoon for a little exercise and socialising afterwards. We are, of course, always eager to meet new mates who fancy a bit of exercise.  We run, jog or walk in the beautiful Cyprus countryside for around 5 km. Following a pre-laid route, known as a trail, and this is designed for most levels of fitness – shortcutting is allowed and indeed encouraged by the hares who control the run. 
The run or walk takes about 45 mins. In the summer and an hour in the winter but is rarely on flat terrain as we avoid like the plague, any tarmac or built up areas.
Hashing as it is known began in the 1930’s amongst ex-pats in the Far East who decided that they needed to take some exercise and so began the phenomenon which grew into 3000 clubs worldwide.  Essentially it is a paper chase and you might have done one at school or seen it like me in "The Railway Children". However to make it non-competitive and ensure that it caters for most levels of fitness hares go out the day before the hash and lay 2 trails one for the runners, joggers and plodders and one for the walkers. Then the participants (hounds) follow one of these trails, with guidance (shortcuts) being given as required by the hares.

The whole emphasis of a Hash is to exercise in an informal way without any competitive pressures and then to relax afterwards with mates over a nice cool beer or soft drink. After a suitable time of taking refreshments at the end of the run/walk we always go to a taverna for a local meal to round off the day. Being such a social club, we throughout the year, have a range of events that include our Better Halves be they on the beach (we know many deserted ones) or up in the hills. These events are either catered or we bring picnics.


The Annual Run Stats for 2019 are in!

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Hash Words does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the Stats unless written on the back of a €20 note!!!

Summer Runs with the Hash!

The Hash Boat Trip!

Simon Carroll      On Pres'        Missive No 2

With three months and fourteen crits completed and with lots more to come, welcome to Missive #2 of my tenure as the 55th On Pres'.

It got off to an auspicious start when 3 weeks into my stint we were informed that Bruce Diggle, a Hasher on Amathus H3 had gone missing in the Sotira area; Hashers from Episkopi H3, Happy Valley H3 and Amathus H3 volunteered to take part in the numerous searches and assist the Cyprus Police and Civil Defence where possible. To this day, Bruce has not yet been found; our thoughts are with his wife and family.

With the sad passing of  Ann Turford we also said farewell to a Harriet who had been a staunch supporter of the Hash over many years. We also remembered Jack Blocki and his daring exploits in Bomber Command on the 10th Anniversary of his passing.

It was also bon voyage to some of our Hashers who have upped stumps and moved back to UK; we wish Tom and Ann McSherry, and Nick and Jane Smith, all the best in their new surroundings.

On Pres's Da organised a very well attended Boat trip to Latchi, it was a great fun filled day for all; in fact the excitement was a little bit too much for some of our youngest Hashers! You can check out the photos to find out who?

Restrictions permitting, we hope to hold the Hash Christmas Doo in the Hillview Restaurant in Pissouri on the evening of Friday 11th December; Richard Flower and George Trotter have taken on the organisation; more details will follow soon.

If I have calculated the Runs correctly the 3000th Run will be on New Year's Day at Melanda Beach with the Cyprus Branch of the Brighton Shiverers ready for our run, swim, Gluhwein , and slap up feed; details to follow nearer the time.

Finally I would like to thank the Hash for all the support so far, it's bloody hard work trying to keep their attention on a Tuesday at the Crit but it's worth it!

On, On,

On Pres'